Founded in 1973 in Sarego, Vicenza, Italy,
Cartotecnica Montebello is the world leader in the manufacture of board books.
The company revolutionized how board books are made by designing and developing its own automatic board book binding lines, all of them unique, and every one internationally patented.
By the continuous pioneering of new methodologies and technologies in automated board book binding, Cartotecnica Montebello continues to be the avant-garde manufacturer in this niche manufacturing sector. While the rest production lines the company developed were semi-automatic, we now use fully automatic lines that can mass-produce finished board books of the highest quality with a myriad of different component features at high-speeds.
The last five years have seen significant technical advancements in both the mechanics and the electronics of the lines rendering them evermore precise and evermore competitive.
In addition to its board book binding lines Cartotecnica Montebello has also designed and developed its own patented binding lines for partworks and their accompanying binders and binding lines for the production of collectible encyclopedia cards (predominantly for use in conjunction with magazines).
Cartotecnica Montebello’s state-of-the art automation and its continued commitment to technological progress led it to earn recognition from the European Union in 1997 as being one of the top 500 European companies for innovation and economic growth.
Year on year Cartotecnica Montebello continues to invest in sophisticating its production lines to enhance their efficiency, enabling it to offer the optimum service to its customer base.


Cartotecnica Montebello Fascicoli Partworks
Cartotecnica Montebello Raccoglitori Partwork Binders


Behind Cartotecnica Montebello’s unique manufacturing capabilities is a dedicated team of staff. Whether it be on the factory floor, in the in-house machinery design & development workshop, or in the offices, continuity is provided by staff who have been with the company for 20-30 years, some even longer. They represent the company’s real asset. It is through their collective technical knowhow and team goal of continually improving the production processes with purpose-built machinery for unconventional binding that the company has thrived and continues to grow.


Quality & Safety of Products

The undisputed quality of productions and high level of service of Cartotecnica Montebello S.p.A. that has always been recognised and appreciated by its customers is further validated by the the ISO9001 quality standard certification.
- ISO 9001.
- TSSA (Technical Standards & Safety Authority)
- All raw materials used in Cartotecnica Montebello S.p.A. productions are EN71 and REACH compliant and certifications/declarations are available in English on request.

Sustainability and Respect for the Environment

Cartotecnica Montebello S.p.A. actively promotes the use of paper and board from sustainable and verified sources where the plantations are responsibly managed:
- Cartotecnica Montebello S.p.A. productions can be certified Forest Stewardship Council FSC® C104018

Social Responsibility & Health and Safety in the Workplace

Cartotecnica Montebello is fully compliant with all Italian and European legislations on human rights and health and safety in the workplace which are amongst the most stringent and rigorous standards in the world.
Furthermore Cartotecnica Montebello S.p.A. is a SEDEX partner and undergoes voluntary periodic third party audits following the SMETA (SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audit) standards which cover; labour standards, health & safety, care for the environment and business integrity.



Simple board book

Board book with open spine

Giant books

Board book cased into hard cover with rounded corners

Board book cased into padded hard cover with rounded corners

Board book with flaps, wire-O bound, cased into hard cover with rounded spine and rubber band

Board book with press-out play figures

Board book with flaps, wire-O bound, cased into hard cover with rounded spine

Board book with tab index

Board books with stencil die cuts

Board books with pages with sliding mechanisms

Board books bound with a flexible, detachable tube

Board books punched to shape

Board books with cloth spine

Concertina books

Books in various slipcases